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Total system maker, Computer Hi-Tech (CHT)

CHT is a total system developer. Based on HITO management principal, we have developed and provided following systems for our customers; Flush (network based distribution information system), eBoss (embedded Linux), TeamFile (WebDAV based file sharing system), and Healthcare product line (nursing and health promotion system).
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system development
We have developed various products that create benefit to our customers for 26 years. Being self-reliant company not only helped us focus on developing a system only for our client, but has cultivated CHT's original know-how also. It is the know-how that enables us to support our customer throughout the entire system development stages (from making a recommendation to designing/developing the system with technical assistance for the introduction of the system)

CHT's Original system
Smile-One “Smile−One" is an energy measurement controller of the all-in-one type indispensable to management of energy consumed.
TeamFile With a simple mouse dragging you can freely manage files over online. It is a simple, easy information management system with brand-new concept of utilizing internet.
FLUSH Flush is designed to maximize profit for our customers in distribution industry. Based on our thorough research on the physical distribution and the market flow, Flush is a high standard distribution information system specialized in liquor whole sales.
eBoss eBoss is CHT's Linux alike original Kernel developed based on the following concept: network compatibility, effective utilization of GPL, serviceability even from 8 to 64 bit MCU, huge memory saving, super-high speed booting time.
TeamConnect TeamConnect is an emergency communication system, which sends out urgent notification through emails and phone calls as well as fax machine. Especially beneficial to the aged, who are not used to emails.
Smile-43 Smile-43 is active terminal with built in R/W RF-ID. By simply approaching a tag/card to the display, it could handle various functions such as floor entrance control, point saving and demonstration for commercial goods. Its flexible software structure makes various functions available.
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